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This topic assumes that you have:

1. Created your contract templates from Topic 8.
2. Understand how to enter a new student record.

In PerfectMind, a contract is the link to billing. Once a contract has been created and activated through the store application, a transaction number will be generated along with a series of scheduled invoices.


1. Open a Students tab, or navigate to one that is already opened.
2. Find the student for whom you need to enter a new contract for, and click on their name.
3. Near the top of the student information, you should see a tab labelled Contracts - click this tab.
4. Click new from within the Contracts tab to enter a new contract.

5. From the top right hand corner of your screen, click on Pick a Template, and select the appropriate contract template for the student

6. The details of the Contract template will be loaded into the contract. Please take a moment to review the data.
7. Once all the information is entered/reviewed, click Save.

***This is just the first step in creating a contract. Please see the next topic for Activating the contract through the Store application!!***

In case you need a refresher on what the contract fields are for, please see the list below:

Add Membership = Checked
Program= Select from picklist if empty
Style = Select from picklist if empty
Start Date = Start date of the student contract; i.e.: the day they became a student (not to be confused with deferred payment start date)
Expire Date = Only applicable on Limited agreements
Type = Limited (for fixed term agreements) or Ongoing (for monthly agreements)
Amount = For a Limited type contract, amount is the total of the tuition plus any sign-up/registration fees for the entire term; for Ongoing, amount is the monthly payment amount
Pay Now = The down payment required on the agreement. For Ongoing, this can be more than the monthly payment amount if you’re asking for 1 month tuition plus a membership fee
Deferred payment = Limited terms only –  amount less pay now (remainder of the tuition amount)
Payment Pattern = Usually monthly, but you and your student may agree to different payment terms
Deferred Payment Start Date = The due date of the first payment afterthe down payment (Pay Now)
Number of Payments = For Limited term only; the number of equal payments after the down payment for the term
Each Payment = PerfectMind will calculate this for you