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The Most Feature-Rich Martial Arts School Software on the Market!

  • Manage students, memberships, belts, exams, and promotions
  • Automate and track your emails and marketing campaigns
  • Book your classes or events and sell your memberships online
  • Retain more students by recognizing and preventing cancellations
  • Grow your school with smart reporting, targets and goal setting  
  • And more – including building a website for your school

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Smart Dashboard: An Intuitive Tool That Helps You Grow Your School

Online Booking

Dynamic, up-to-date, intelligent and logical data about your martial arts school right at your fingertips.

  • Key Metrics: Track number of students, growth rate, overdue payments, and more
  • Goals and Targets: Set goals and the dashboard calculates your required targets
  • Marketing and Sales: Monitor how many leads you are generating and converting
  • Student Retention: Create a growth strategy based on your acquisition and loss trends
  • Financial Health: Determine what area of your school generates the most revenue
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Book, Attend and Manage Classes

Online Booking

Retain more students with attendance tracking and rating that recognizes signs of a cancellation before it happens

  • PerfectScan: Print membership IDs and take attendance with a quick scan
  • Class Reports: Take detailed information about every student in your class  to the mat
  • A, B, C Rating: Group your students into categories based on their attendance
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Belt and Rank Management: Set Up Belts and Stripes For Any Type of Ranking System

Online Booking

Use our simple and customizable rank management system to fit your dynamic curriculum.

  • Custom Curriculum: Set up multiple styles and programs for different ranking systems
  • Student Readiness: See how far or close your students are to their next exam
  • Rank Promotion: Promote students based time enrolled, attendance, or both.
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Online Class Booking: Let students book and pay for classes online

Online Booking

Your prospects and students can see your full schedule, choose their membership, book classes, and pay for it all online.

  • Class Schedule: Make your schedule of classes and events available online
  • Book Me: Let students buy their desired memberships or book their own classes  
  • Collect Payment: Receive payment instantly when students book online
  • Social Embedding: Take the entire booking process to your social networks
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Class and Instructor Scheduling: Organize your classes and instructors for a better result

Staff & Resource Scheduling

Whether you manage a small space or boast a large multi-floor facility, the PerfectMIND calendar molds to the size of your school

  • Schedule: Assign and allocate your instructors, rooms, and equipment
  • Work Hours: Allow staff to clock in and out so you can easily track hours for payroll
  • Adjustments: Manage constantly changing schedules on-the-go using any device
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Point of Sale and Online Store: Sell Your Merchandise in Person and Online

Point of Sale and Online Store

Use our point of sale software to sell memberships and merchandise at your school and online with our fast and secure shopping cart

  • Point of Sale: Instantly process transactions for purchases made at your school
  • Online Store: Add your products and start selling online with a secure shopping cart
  • Social Sharing: Promote your online pro shop using marketing tools that boost sales
  • Promotions: Create offers and promotions redeemable by students who receive them
  • Mobile Commerce: Customers can browse and buy from your store using any device
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Student Management: Increase Profits By Understanding Your Students Better

Contact Management

With over 20 years of experience in the Martial Arts industry, we have designed a system that is focused on simplicity and retention.

  • Memberships: Create and manage new or existing memberships with a few clicks
  • Belts and Exams: Keep track of student ranks and manage exams and promotions. Learn more...
  • Attendance: Increase student retention with attendance tracking and A B C rating. Learn more...
  • Referrals: Track all of your referrals and reward students who bring them in
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Bookkeeping Applications: Track your memberships, income, and expenses with ease

Billing and Bookkeeping

Whether you have an accountant or you are the accountant for your school, PerfectMIND makes it easy with integrated bookkeeping

  • Billing: Charge all your members automatically at incredibly low rates
  • PerfectBOOKS: Easy to use income and expense tracking
  • ShoeBox: Scan in receipts and business cards from your phone
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Email Automation: The Most Powerful Communication Tool for Your School

Email Marketing

Our advanced email app is fully integrated into your system, meaning you don’t have to pay extra to use multiple services or programs.

  • Email Lists: Separate your leads and students into lists based on different criteria
  • Keep in Touch: Set up automated emails to regularly nurture your leads and students
  • Seasonal Templates: Use our attractive HTML designs for your seasonal campaigns
  • Scheduled Delivery: Set specific delivery dates and times to best reach your students
  • Tracking: Track your email open and click through rates to measure your success
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Marketing Campaigns: Track Every Marketing Activity You Do for Your School

Campaigns and Landing Pages

When you manage your campaigns in PerfectMIND, you’ll know which of your marketing efforts are attracting new leads and students

  • Campaigns: Create, track, and measure all of your marketing campaigns in one place
  • Landing Pages: Create custom pages and lead capture forms that match your campaigns
  • Workflows: Set up automated responses to certain actions taken on your landing pages
  • Voice Broadcast and SMS: Send important messages right to your student’s telephone
  • Reporting: Know exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing at all times
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Website and Mobile Site: Make Your Website Stand Out & Capture Attention

Website and Mobile Site

For over a decade we have been developing functional, easy to manage, martial arts specific websites for our clients.

  • Smart Design: A design that your customers love and your competitors envy
  • Social Site: We call it a social site because it focused on building connections
  • Student Portal: Students can login to your website and get behind the scenes access
  • Mobile Friendly: Accessible using any mobile device with an internet connection
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Blog and Social Community: Bring the Power of Social Networking to You

Blog and Social Community

The PerfectMIND Lounge is your very own martial arts community and school blog integrated right onto your social site.

  • Engage: Your Facebook wall is embedded onto your website to increase engagement
  • Stand Out: Add a human face to your brand and differentiate yourself from competition
  • Educate: Show your blog visitors about why they should follow your martial arts school
  • Share: Get high quality back links to your website when someone shares your content
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