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About Us

Our company was founded by CEO Farid Dordar, who also happens to be well versed in technology. His winning attitude, perseverance and technological expertise have helped us maintain a competitive position in the market and helped us gain many awards, including being ranked in the Profit 100 in Canada.

Our company was founded in 2000 by developing software for specialty verticals, having a solid understanding of small business methodologies and being an inventive company. Now, after having worked with over 5000 clients world-wide, PerfectMIND is ready to progress our technology to a sector focused on horizontal markets.

Our product team is consistently searching for new ways to improve our Business Solutions with the latest and greatest technology available.
PerfectMIND doesn't settle for producing "good", we strive to provide our clients with the best in Business Solutions, methodologies and technology.

Our personal experiences in running a small business have helped us develop manners of saving our clients time and money by automating their daily work. In summary, PerfectMIND has developed a Business Solution Platform that is accessible from the internet, is customizable for any small to mid-size business, is accessible from the internet and provides clients with solutions to their individual problems.