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Student Management

With over 20 years of experience in the Martial Arts industry, we have designed a system that is focused on simplicity and retention.

  • Memberships: Create and manage new or existing memberships with a few clicks
  • Belts and Exams: Keep track of student ranks and manage exams and promotions
  • Attendance: Increase student retention with attendance tracking and A B C rating
  • Referrals: Track all of your referrals and reward students who bring them in
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Quick access to your student records and memberships

Cloud-based so you can access your contacts anywhere!
  • Enter in a new student by attendance or manually in less than three clicks
  • Easy access to your students’ attendance, purchase history, medical conditions, and more
  • Students and staff can login to update their contact information or photo at any time

Easily manage stripes, belts, ranks, exams, and promotions

Manage all your leads and contacts
  • See the rank of your students and how close they are to being ready for testing
  • Group students by their readiness to book them in for an exam all at once
  • Promote with a click of a button when they pass their belt exam

Retain your students with smart attendance that prevents cancellations

Provide excellent customer service with quick access to your customer’s account history
  • Know who is motivated and who is thinking about quitting with  A B C rating
  • Take attendance in a flash with a barcode scanner that works with ID tags you print yourself!
  • Bring your class report right on the mat using any mobile device with an internet connection

Thank your students who bring you more students with cash rewards

Intelligence on all areas of your business
  • Keep track of every referral that comes in and the student who referred them
  • Apply a "Cash Reward Credit" to reward students who have referred someone
  • Credit can be used for future purchases, like new merchandise from your pro shop