Championsway Testimonials

I like ChampionsWay and the software for 2 reasons:
1. It is really easy to use and it is much smarter than I am.
2. For the support, I can chat with them email with them, give them a call on the phone and they are always very patient and will walk me through everything I need.

If you are thinking about a new software, I highly recommend ChampionsWay.

Josh Henkel
Kim's Tae Kwon Do

Before I joined ChampionsWay I was pretty much going down for the count, working on my last few months of staying open. I found ChampionsWay, and made the choice to join the ChampionsWay team. It has been nothing but great since then!

Benjamin Moriniere
Capoeira Academy Okinawa

We have 15 locations, and have been around since 1965. Over the last 4 decades of my life one of the most important revolutions that has come along has been ChampionsWay. They are doing for the martial arts world what the iphone did for cell phones. I highly recommend ChampionsWay because we are keeping more of our money. ChampionsWay cut our billing costs by 70%! Plus they have 24 hours a day tech support and hold your hand all the way through.

Chris Casamassa
Red Dragon Karate

One of my favourite things about ChampionsWay is how easy it is. Whether you are following up with leads, booking intros, selling and renewing memberships, scheduling classes, advancing ranks, printing certificates, creating automated emails, or managing online content, it is all really simple for me and my staff to do. And the great thing is their customer support is awesome! So if you ever get stuck they are always there to help.

Carlton Doup
Kung Fu Northwest

The reason I love ChampionsWay is that I can be on vacation and I can look at all of my students, I can process transactions, and I can fix any issues that my staff members might run into -- all away from my school.

Jeff Vincent
Bobby Lawrence Karate

ChampionsWay is pure gold, literally. After using the software, I've grown my business to 4 locations and over 1,600 students. PerfectMind allows my staff to operate efficiently and allows us to concentrate on teaching.

Herb Perez
Gold Medal Martial Arts

With ChampionsWay's all-in-one solution, I no longer have to waste my time on administration. This gives me more time to focus on growing my students and my business.

John Hackleman
The Pit and CrossPit

ChampionsWay turns leads into students and students into referral machines. You will find it just as easy as I did to quickly turn 50 students into nearly 200.

Rich Grogran
Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts

Championsway has really revolutionized how you operate your school. Their product has decreased the amount of time and tasks you had to do by hand and automated so many of them, so we can concentrate on our business and our students. Their program allows you instant access to vital information to help run your business so you know what's going on at all times. You can access this information anytime and anywhere.

All of this has helped the Amerikick schools, by allowing them to focus on the important tasks of getting and keeping students.This in turn has allowed more growth and more locations to open.

Mark Russo