Intelligent Attendance Tracking

Student Attendance Software

Prevent Cancellations before it's too Late

Increase your student retention rate with our intelligent ABC rating attendance-tracking system that proactively monitors cancellation indicators. Our system automatically segments your students into group A (regular), B (semi-regular), C (non-regular), or non-active based on their attendance, so you always know which students are about to drop out or cancel.

Take Attendance from the Mat

Easily take student attendance, check medical history or renew a membership -- right from the mat! Want to sell a membership while teaching a class, without prolonged interruptions? Or send a message to absent students? Our software does that for you, all in just two clicks!

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Speed up the Attendance-Taking Process at all your Classes and Events

Allow instructors to take attendance on their tablet or smartphone, or let students check themselves in using our Self Check-In App. If you have a scanner, students can scan their barcoded tags, or manually check-in by typing in their name.

Check-In Alerts

Instantly know which students are up for renewal, have an overdue payment or have a birthday coming up when they arrive for class. When a student checks-in, a screen message and sound will alert you of any important messages about their membership or financial information. You can even customize your own alerts.

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