Billing & Collections

Martial Arts Billing

Our powerful solution connects the power of automated billing with a complete follow up system and low-cost billing rates to save you time and money.

Make your billing easier, faster and ultra-affordable. The system collects payments, posts them to the built-in book-keeping app and produces reports for you and your accountant

  • Processing: Funds are deposited into your account at incredibly low rates* Billing: Schedule payment dates and send invoices out to your students automatically
  • Collections: Re-process payments that were missed and automate your collections, or leave it to us to handle if you are using full service billing
  • Flexibility: Consolidate financial information across multiple locations of your business
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Automatic Re-Processing and Follow-up

If a member misses a payment, our system re-bills them automatically, and sends you an alert. There is no need to allocate time for collecting missed payments again. With our system, your entire business remains financially solid without extra effort from you or your staff.

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Full-Service Billing

Prefer to have someone take care of your collection and cancellation calls or change of financial information for you? We offer full-service billing too to do just that. Learn more about our full-service martial arts billing .