Membership Management

Membership Management Software

Multiple Martial Art Styles Under One Profile

With the ability to sell students multiple memberships under the same profile, you can easily customize your memberships just how you like them. Memberships can be based on sessions, time or a combination of both. Students can register for multiple styles of martial arts, without needing to create additional profiles

Simple, Intuitive Membership Set-up in 4 Clicks or Less

Creating a new membership is simple, intuitive and can be done in four clicks or less! Simply choose a distinctive membership type from a list, add membership duration in days or months, and the payment calculator updates related fields automatically.

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Fast Access to Your Student Records

Get easy access to your student's attendance, purchase history, medical conditions, and more.

Online Portal

Make it easy and convenient for your students to update their personal details and payment information, book future classes and buy new memberships themselves by logging in to their online portal. Students and staff can easily access the online portal by logging in from any smart device.

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