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POS Online Software

Boost Sales at your School and Online

Use our point-of-sale (POS) application to sell at your school and online. The POS application can be used to sell memberships, pro-shop merchandise, track inventory, manage purchase history and help you with reordering.

Point-of-Sale Processing that is Quick, Easy, and Reliable

Sell pro shop items at your school using the integrated POS application. Make it convenient for your students to pay. Our system accepts multiple payment methods including cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, EFT and in-house payments. Track every transaction including the student's name, purchase item and payment type.

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Your own Online Store

Make it easy for your students to buy with a fully integrated online store and shopping cart on your website. Easily customize a user-friendly catalog of all your pro shop items and allow customers to purchase online with peace of mind using our secure shopping cart. Plus, with our social sharing buttons, students will be able to promote your store for you!

Incentivize Sales with Promo Codes and Discounts

Boost your sales by creating incentives for your students to buy with gift cards, promo codes and discounts. Customize products and memberships to encourage your customers to buy with a promo code for a special price. Or, you can add an early bird discount for customers who purchase before a specified date. With easy-to-issue gift cards and student credit, you'll have everything you need to increase your sales.

Smart Ordering

With real-time purchase order and inventory management, you will never find yourself out-of-stock and your students empty-handed again. The automated product re-ordering and management of both online and offline product inventory stays on top of your popular items, by automatically issuing a purchase order and submitting it to your supplier to re-stock your shelves.

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