The top martial arts schools of the world choose ChampionsWay for a reason

Intuitive Martial Arts Software

Intuitive Martial Arts Software Created by Martial Artists

With over 20 years of perfecting our technology, you can trust the best practices that are incorporated into our software. Our technology is easy to use and customizable to the size of your business and needs.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record of Success

As the leading martial arts software company, we have helped thousands of clients maximize their growth potential by helping create quality leads, minimizing student turnover and automating time consuming, day-to-day operations.

Quality Leads

Quality Leads

Lead generation is not an art form, it's a formula. At ChampionsWay, we've helped thousands of clients fine tune that formula to market and grow their businesses. Our software provides a seamless customer sign up experience, helping converting leads into students.

Proactive Approach to Student Retention

Proactive Approach to Student Retention

Our attendance tracking and rating system intuitively recognizes the signs of a cancellation before it occurs, so you can proactively prevent student dropouts. Real-time class analytics and automated emails to absent students are just a few of the many features that allow you to effectively manage your students on and off the mat.

All-in-one Martial Arts Software

All-in-One Solution

Our software is built as a true all-in-one-solution. From billing, marketing, attendance tracking to belt ranking, ChampionsWay is a one-stop-shop for all your operational needs. We provide the tools for you to run your martial arts school with efficiency and ease.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

We learned from our mistakes during a major growth period in 2005 and have since then devoted our efforts to revolutionizing our approach to customer service. From 24-hour customer support, to providing a dedicated Success Coordinator for all new clients, we are committed to providing world-class service.