Opening your Second School: Secrets from a Successful Multi-Location Owner

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Your martial arts school is flourishing and filled with active students. You know it's time to scale your success and you're almost ready to open your second school – but how will you manage twice the number of students and instructors, and multiple locations that are miles apart? Benefit from a successful owner's experience on how to kickstart enrollment at your second school and avoid making common mistakes.


Join Master Ryan Andrachik, owner of Asian Sun Martial Arts, as he reveals his insights on:

  • How he expanded his martial arts school to eleven locations in Ohio
  • An important checklist of must-do’s before opening your second school
  • Generating leads and accelerating student enrollment at a new location
  • How to hire, manage, and communicate effectively with instructors and staff across multiple locations

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Master Ryan Andrachik is the owner of Asian Sun Martial Arts and a pioneer of Taekwondo in Hudson, Ohio. As an 8th Dan Black Belt, he has produced 34 Master Instructors, along with over 300 black belts, and currently serves as the USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commissioner and the Sports Chairman of Lake Erie Taekwondo. By upholding his essential rules of business, Master Andrachik’s school has grown to encompass eleven locations and 3,000 active students.