ChampionsWay Return Policy

Return Policy for Products and Services Leased

For all Products and Services purchased with a monthly payment plan (Lease Plan), the user is responsible for the full payment of the minimum term of the contract. If the user wishes to terminate service before the completion of the first term, a cancellation fee equal to 33% of the remaining payments will be billed. At the end of this term, PAYMENTS will renew on a month to month basis, unless purchaser wishes to discontinue the lease and the usage of all ChampionsWay Products and Services including Website, MAS software and return all products and services back to ChampionsWay. Services can be terminated with 30 days notice and all fees applicable for that 30-day period must be fully paid before the service is terminated

All art-work, design, graphical elements, flash components and or anything outside of written content and images submitted by the client prior, during or after the design phase of the website is the intellectual property of ChampionsWay and may not be reproduced, duplicated or reused without the written consent of ChampionsWay Inc.

Website domain names that were previously owned by the client and transferred to be hosted by ChampionsWay during the service agreement will remain in the clients property when service is terminated. Website domain names suggested by a ChampionsWay account manager or by the marketing department, and are registered by ChampionsWay will remain intellectual property of ChampionsWay following termination of service, if the domain name has been suggested by the client and registered by ChampionsWay it may be purchased and released to the client for a onetime charge of $250.

In the event the user wishes to discontinue the subscription after the term of the agreement, the account will be billed one final monthly service fee after the cancellation request date. This charge will occur on the day of the month specific to the agreement’s monthly billing cycle, however the client may request to have this final service fee billed earlier if preferred.

Software Purchased Outright

In the case of dissatisfaction with the performance of the software purchased, users have up to 14 days from the day of sale to request a return to ChampionsWay, at this time a Software Return form will be sent to the user, who will follow the instructions of uninstalling the program, as well as signing the form provided. Upon receiving the completed return form and original CD, ChampionsWay will issue a full refund. When sending back a software package, the package must be marked "Returned Goods" and have no attributed value and all promotional hardware offered at the time of the purchase must also be returned to the vendors.


Hardware can be returned within 30 days of its purchase to the vendor. In all cases, there is a 15% restocking fee, and an additional 10% penalty if the hardware is not returned in re-sellable condition with the original packaging. All hardware is to be returned to the wholesale provider of the equipment and not ChampionsWay. Users can acquire wholesaler address info by contacting a ChampionsWay representative.

Insufficient Funds Policy

Please note that clients paying by EFT (Electric Funds Transfer) will be charged a $25 fee in the event that there are insufficient funds at the time the service fee is due.