Martial Arts Billing

The power of automated billing with a complete follow-up system

As a truly all-in-one system, you can optimize your time and energy by taking full advantage of PerfectBilling, our integrated billing services. We connect the power of automated billing with a complete follow up system and low cost billing rates to save you time and money.

With one of the lowest billing rates in the market, the convenience of PerfectBilling's Automated Billing gives you the ability to save time and money with our automated billing system.

Martial Arts Billing: Receive Alerts

Receive alerts when you have an overdue payment

Point-of-sale and online shopping cart

Take advantage of our Point of Sale and online shopping cart

Process Payments

Process payments at the lowest rates you can find

  • Accept all forms of payment: Cash, EFT, and Credit Cards.
  • EFT and credit card payments are deposited upon purchase or payment date.
  • Take advantage of our incredibly low processing rates of 14 cents for EFT and 2.09% for Visa/MasterCard.
Automated Scheduling

Send scheduled invoices to your students automatically

  • Students are billed with an invoice on their payment dates.
  • Funds are automatically transferred directly to your bank account.
  • Take partial payments or postpone membership agreements at any time.
Automatic Delinquency Follow-ups

Automatically follow up on delinquencies

  • Easily handle missed payments with automatic re-processing and collections.
  • Customers are contacted and notified when payments have failed.
  • Auto-reminders inform customers of credit card expiry before payment due dates.
Flexible Billing

Flexible billing options for multi-location schools

  • Create a separate login to give your accountant secured access to your financial information
  • Administer and consolidate financial information across multiple locations.
  • Assign billing location when a member makes a purchase at any of your different schools.

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